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Guide for Back To School
The Garden at Columbia Parc

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Guide for Back To School
This time of year means that kids and families are getting ready to head back to school. Some children are excited and others may be nervous about beginning a new school year, especially if they have just recently moved into our community and are going to a new school. Here are a few tips to help get everyone ready:
  • Have a dry run: visit the bus stop, tour the school, and attend a meet-the-teacher event if possible.
  • Shift bedtimes and wake-up times the week before school starts so kids have time to get used to the new schedule.
  • Get back in the habit of eating breakfast if summer mealtimes have been more relaxed.
  • Try on last year's school clothes and determine what needs to be replaced. Shop at home first for clothes that older siblings may have outgrown.
  • Take advantage of sale prices on clothing and school supplies.
  • Establish an area at home for backpacks, doing homework, papers to sign and return, calendars, and lunch menus.
  • Keep lines of communication open. Ask kids questions about what they are looking forward to and share your own stories about favorite subjects and things you learned when you were in their grade. Getting them in the academic mindset will help pump them up for the school year!
The Garden at Columbia Parc
Columbia Parc at the Bayou District proudly presents the Garden at Columbia Parc. This will be a great community asset with excellent opportunities for volunteering in a state-of-the-art community garden. Our garden manager is currently setting up programming that will begin this September.

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Bayou District Neighborhood News
YMCA Afterschool Program

Be on the lookout for Afterschool Program flyers. The YMCA, in partnership with BDF, will be putting on an afterschool program at Tulane Memorial Baptist Church. Also the local NORD Pee Wee football team is looking for players. Please contact Pastor Lionel Roberts Sr. at for team and practice info.

Educare New Orleans will be opening September 3rd. Educare of New Orleans is a state of the art early childhood education center for kids 0-5 years old. If interested in enrollment or employment, please contact Kingsley House for more information. Please note that Educare parking will be off St. Bernard Ave and Milton St. and should not pose a problem for Columbia Parc residents.