Question: Since I was a resident of the St. Bernard Housing Project, do I have a "right" to move into the apartment community that is built on the land where the St. Bernard Housing Project once stood?
Answer:  Yes, in fact priority is given to applications from former heads of households for units designated as "public housing". Applications are accepted at any time for tenants who do not need rental assistance.

Question: So, even though the new community isn’t a "housing project," you’re saying public housing residents can qualify to live there?
Answer: Yes, individuals and families who are eligible to receive public housing rental assistance can live at the new community. Residents who qualify for public housing rental assistance will pay rent based on their income–just like when you lived at St. Bernard–or a minimum of $50. Qualified residents will be responsible for payment of all utilities including water/sewer, electric, phone, security system, and cable/satellite television. In addition, a security deposit of $200 is required.

Question:  As a public housing resident, what is expected of me if I live at the new community? 
Answer:  All residents are expected to be good neighbors and abide by the terms of the lease. We want them to enjoy good living, and we want them to help make the new community the best place to live in New Orleans. The expectations are the same for all families – regardless of income – who qualify to live at the new community.

  • Unless disabled or elderly the head of household and co-head of household, if any, must be legally employed with verifiable income.
  • All adult residents in the new community who are not disabled, elderly or the primary care giver for minor children must be working, in school or in an approved training program
  • All school-age children must attend school
  • Drug use or drug dealing or a history of criminal activity can disqualify any applicant
  • Every person in the household 18 years of age or older must have a clean criminal background. Each situation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • There must be a good, verifiable landlord history and if you have received a subsidy in the past, you must be a “resident in good standing” with the Housing Authority of New Orleans.

Question: Is there a background check? 
Answer: Yes, everyone including household members over the age of 18 who applies for an apartment in the new community will be checked for criminal, credit, employment and rental history.

Question: Even though I used to live at St. Bernard Housing Project, I now have a good job and may not qualify for public housing rental assistance. Can I still live in the new community? 
Answer: Absolutely. There are two other ways to rent an apartment at the new community. The Management office at 1400 Milton Street is open and accepting applications for available apartment homes.

  • First, former St. Bernard Housing Project residents may qualify to return to the new community by applying for an affordable tax credit apartment. The rents for these apartments are set at a reduced level. These units will be leased on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Second, former St. Bernard Housing Project residents may qualify to return is to apply for an apartment priced at market rates. Market rate apartments do not receive any type of rental reduction or assistance. The rental rates are determined based on the current local rental market.

Question: If I am selected from the site-based waiting list for public housing assistance, or if I apply for a "tax credit" or "market rate" apartment, what documents will I need to complete an application to live in the new community.
Answer: At the time you complete your application you will need to bring (for all members of your household) state issued ID, birth certificates, proof of all income, proof of other assets (savings/checking accounts), fixed medical expenses, childcare expenses, etc.  Additional information may be requested based on answers to application questions.

Question: Can I have overnight guests at my apartment home?
Answer:  Yes, you can have guests. You can also have overnight guests up to 14 days annually. Remember that each resident is responsible for the conduct and actions of their guests. Therefore, it is your responsibility to explain the property’s rules and regulations to your guests. Anyone that stays longer than 14 days is considered an occupant and this person needs to be added to your lease agreement.

Question: I used to live at the St. Bernard Housing Project and I want to return to the new community. I am on the site based wait list.  What size apartment do I qualify for?
Answer: Apartments are assigned based on household size. The community will be following the Housing Authority of New Orleans’ Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy or ACOP.

Question: How do you determine the size unit for which I qualify?
Answer:  In accordance with the HUD guidelines and HANO’s ACOP, generally persons in a household would be a minimum of one per bedroom and a maximum of two per bedroom. Further, separate bedrooms should be allocated for persons of the opposite sex (other than adults who have a spousal relationship and children under 7 years).

Question: It is expensive to move. Are there funds available to assist me with moving costs?
Answer: Yes, funds to assist with your moving costs are available from HANO.   Once you are approved for move in and an apartment has been assigned to you, the office staff will notify HANO.  HANO will then process and mail a check to you. Please plan ahead as it may take at least three to four weeks for you to receive these funds.

Question: I saw that there is a floor plan named Sere. Does that mean that all of the apartments this size will be located on Sere Street?
Answer: No, it does not. The floor plans are named after the streets in the neighborhood and the floor plans vary in each building in each block.

Question: I used to live in the old St. Bernard Housing Project, what happened to my security deposit?
Answer: Your security deposit would have been escrowed by HANO and you should contact HANO about any refunds owed to you. HANO’s telephone number is 504-670-3300.